Quick Definition: Developed by Swinggcat through the Prizing e-book, this is a frame that is adopted by a PUA, whereby he is the prize and the woman needs to game him.

Full Definition:

The prizing theory has many variations and components in its application and is deadly when used to amplify attraction. The general theme is to reverse the script. Women are very good at this, as they always assume that any attention from men is a signal of them hitting on her. Prizing reverses this.

For example, a HB may say, during a conversation, “you are very tall.”

The PUA can respond, “Thank you. I know you’re attracted to tall guys. But all I am promising is good conversation tonight, alright? Don’t get any ideas missy.”

Another example of prizing is rewarding her for good behavior on a point system:

HB: Haha! Ok, you can spin me.

PUA: Very good—you’re very coordinated with your movements. 10 points for Stephanie!

HB: Ha! So what do I get with those 10 points?

PUA: Well, when you get to 100 points in total, I will seriously consider sleeping with you tonight.

Chances are, in both previous scenarios, the girl is interested. By presenting the frame of her being attracted to you, you’re furthering the frame that you, the PUA, are the prize. Even if the case is not true or the HB shit tests by denying her attraction to the PUA, a bantering situation has been created for push and pull effect. At very worst, the PUA has not lost any value by assuming the HB is hitting on him. Prizing is a powerful concept when the PUA has congruent inner and outer game.

The two major pitfalls of prizing are (1) the PUA prizing too much and OQ’ing, making him seemingly unattainable, and (2) the PUA completely reverting to approval seeking behavior after the HB gives the PUA IOIs, showing incongruency with his previous prizing frame.


I was prizing this girl that she totally bought into the frame that she was gaming me, even though she wasn’t originally!

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Source: Swinggcat

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