Principle Based Coaching

Quick Definition: The type of coaching that focuses on teaching the core principles of a paradigm, with a lesser focus on the exact execution of techniques.

Full Definition:

Principle based coaches focus on teaching the student the correct mental state and paradigm first. Only after the philosophy is understand is the technique then practiced. In reality, most coaching teach both a combination of principles and techniques in their coaching. However, some teachers lean more towards one spectrum than another.

Zan, for example, is a principle based coach that focuses on a Casanova, enlightened sense of interacting with women. Mystery, on the other hand, is purely focused on technique and the mastery of the M3 model steps. He believes in using field tested lines and rehearsed lines that work. Zan and Juggler of Charisma Arts, on the other hand, are more focused on tapping into a person’s inner energy, and relaying that forward into the social interactions.

With a proper understanding of principles, no student can become a master of the game. PUAs may argue that with the proper principle based coaching, a student can get good. However, no amount of technical or technique based coaching can get a person good unless they understand at least some of the principles of game.

hot girls meditating
While techniques change, principles are universal truths that last a lifetime

For example, a student can learn mechanically how to go up and approach girls, but if he doesn’t understand that “hot girls are everywhere” and the concept of the abundance mentality, he will still treat every hot girl like the last one he’s going to see.

Principles also play a big role over time – planting the seeds of change, a thought can harness and have a exponentially large influence. Things that a coach has said to me that never resonated until years later. “OH yeah, he was right!” This is the power of a true master, to reveal the truths about the reality of the world we live in.


Principle based coaching may not help a student improve right away like technique-based coaching can, however it plants the seeds for long term growth

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