Pressure On, Pressure Off

Quick Definition: The ability to put social pressure on the woman and take take it off to influence her emotional state.

Full Definition:

Pressure on and off is one of Julien’s core game components. He pushes far and makes statements that most other artists don’t make, and then calibrates back from that point. For example, he will say, “dog! beg for it woman”. But he usually only does this after he gets an IOI or first compliance. Then, he will calibrate quickly based on the woman’s reaction. He also goes quickly from question to question and topic to topic, creating a shifting sands mentality (Jeffy, Russell Brand) so that the woman can never pause to logically think about what he’s saying. All the while, he’s creating the required emotional push and pull to create instant attraction with his targets.

Comedians are great at pressure on, pressure off control of their audiences

Comedians are great at creating pressure on and off situations with the audience, and any master artist will know how to put and take off social pressure when necessary.

Usage: Pressure on and off on dates to create emotional velocity with the woman.

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