Pressure Gauge

AKA Personal Change Pressure Gauge

Quick Definition: Our internal boundaries to maintain balance while trying to change our fundamental behavior patterns.

Full Definition:

When learning game, different types of students go through changes during various time periods. Some have a lot of pressure to change (i.e. the 40 year old virgin) and others, less so (high school nerd). We usually have a certain pressure gauge that builds up pressure as we adapt to our new learnings and step out of our comfort zone.

Comfort Zone: this is where most people live. Things are routine here. Things are to be expected. Nothing is new. This is a great place for non-achievers to live out their lives.

Adventure Zone: most successful people dive between the adventure zone and comfort zones. They rest at home and then return to the wild to hunt again. They enjoy the adrenaline rush of the adventure zone.

Danger Zone: When you put a newbie into a loud night club, his senses may tell him that he’s in danger. Similar to a first time surfer going against 10 foot waves, the sight itself is scary as can be. On PUA bootcamps, sometimes newbies can push their pressure gauge past to the danger zone. Like a coach that assures the newbie surfer that he won’t drown and that he’s there to save him if anything goes wrong, a PUA coach is essential for removing the mental barriers someone may have in going into the danger zone. Unlike surfing, the worst that could happen in pick up is a girl rejecting you, instead of death by drowning.

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