Preppy School Kids

Private school kids have always had it good. Whereas others had to hustle through school, the preppy school kids have more quality problems, such as who is going out with the new girl in school. Their abundance in resources mixed with highly nurtured egos ensures a dramatic event that unfolds between otherwise mundane things that affects everyone around them.

The private school look is one of elite-ness and class, all the while looking casual. As a geek would say, “I never thought people would put so much time into looking like they didn’t put so much time in how they look”.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Dominance, darker colors, well pressed and preppy clothes, subtle personal differences in clothing style and hair styles
Common Clothing Items: Preppy suits, pants, sweaters, school uniforms, scarves, trench coasts, gloves, ascots
Favorite Brands Burberry, Hugo-Boss, Armani, Versace
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Elite-ness, Dominance, Power, Wealth, the idea of an exclusivity lifestyle
What Women Think:
  • He looks rich
  • What a stylish uniform
  • He’s Chuck Bass!
Natural Habitat School hallways, mansions, golf clubs, secret society clubs, high priced apartments in the city

Famous Examples

Chuck Bass, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Chase Crawford

Natural Counterparts

Rich Girls, Private School Girls, Groupies, Gold Diggers


Gossip Girl Cast Style


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Gossip-Girl-Cast-Green and Blue Style


Chuck Bass being a womanizer: