Premature Ejectulaton (Pre-me)

Quick Definition: A term used to describe when a PUA ejects from a set too early.

Full Definition:

Premature ejectulation is a common mistake made by GPUAs. Instead of staying in set and going for the close, many new PUAs eject from a set much earlier than they should.

Pre-me generally occurs when a PUA feels he has run out of things to say or fears rejection. He will eject to avoid what he thinks will be an embarrassing crash and burn. Sometimes, there is even a fear of success of what would happen if the target actually likes the PUA. He or she thus prematurely ejectulates without pushing or ploughing to find out how the set will turn out.

The truth, however, is that no matter how badly a set is going, there is always a chance of turning it around and getting a successful close. Even if the set doesn’t go well, the PUA gains valuable experience being in an uncomfortable situation and learns how to better recover from bad situations and deal with social pressure.

The only time a PUA should leave a set is if it is done strategically (leaving a set on a high note to return to later), if the girl explicitly tells the PUA to go away, or if the PUA is not interested in the girl and doesn’t feel like he will gain any experience staying in set. Otherwise, the PUA keep plowing, instead of ejecting prematurely.

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You pre-me’d! That set was going so well, why did you leave?

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