AKA Pretexting
Quick Definition:
Influencing a subject before the actual event.

Full Definition:

The preloading sequence is an important factor of NLP as well as the social engineer. Marketing programs and movie trailers use the idea of preloading to build anticipating and the expected result of using a product or watching a movie. “You’ll never use a cleaner vacuum!”

In pick-up, the concept can be applied to plan an event ahead of time. It is simply a tool although its implication is manipulative because it is a term used by social hacking.

For example, a social engineer can send a letter to the secretary of a VP, indicating who he is and when he will call. This “official” document preloads her mind with his authority, and on the day that he calls, he is more likely to be transferred to the VP. Or a letter in the mail has come in with the person’s social security number and address. That person is more inclined to reply with their password information for their online banking account.

Sometimes prior research (Preloading) can be used to obtain general information about a venue or person you are meeting. For example, researching the person online before meeting them. What do they care about? What do they like?  While some say this can be manipulative, when done in the spirit of harmony, one can view it as paying respects to the person you are about to meet.


We can preload the idea of an after party early in the evening.

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