• Precision Pickup

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A frame of mind where the goal is to sarge as fluidly and efficiently as possible.

    Full Definition:

    When you’re starting out as a pickup artist you have more time and room for error. In fact, failure in the initial stages is crucial to numb yourself to the emotional effects of rejection and to figure out what works through trial and error. But as you progress and gain skill as a pickup artist, you might find yourself in high-stakes situations where the margin for error is slim and one wrong move could make the difference between failure and a threesome with a pair of platinum-blonde twins.

    In such situations, it is important that you operate with clarity, consciousness and efficiency. This is precision pickup. In most high-stakes pickup situations, the window of opportunity for a pickup artist is incredible tiny and passes by in a flash. The goal with precision pickup is to convey your personality and create attraction in a woman within the least amount of time.

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    Executing precision pickup requires hours and hours of practice in the field. When the game is played at such a high pace, there is no time to spend pondering over your next move, and pickup artist must be able to rely solely on his intuition to make the proper moves at the right time; and this awareness comes only with thousands of approaches and successes. Trying to implement precision pickup without this in-field experience backing you would be like a sprinter taking on a 100 meter dash just after his morning toast.

    So before you even think about testing out your precision pickup abilities, first spend as much time as possible working on your basics and honing  your pickup skills and techniques to a razor’s edge. Once you’ve done that you can push yourself into progressively more challenging pickup situations where you can test your precision pickup skills.

    Usage: His precision pickup abilities helped him get three number closes within just minutes of walking into the bar.

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