AKA “Managing Expectations”

Quick Definition: A frame presented as an action or statement at the beginning of a new event/relationship. This frame sets the tone and serves as a guideline for the remainder of the interaction based on the PUA’s strong precedence.

Full Definition:

Precedence is the proper conveyance of a PUA’s inner values, or his expertise in a certain process from the very beginning of an interaction. Strong precedence is followed by a strong frame.

Some precedents are natural: for example, a mPUA who is very calm and collected may walk into a meeting with people who are all panicking, and suddenly set a tonality of calmness. He then proceeds to outline an agenda for the meeting and sets the rules for asking questions only after the data has been presented by the different groups. At work, precedence is mostly set by the boss or person with more power. However, it is possible as a lower level worker to subcommunicate a strong precedence when he refuses to panic and give in, like the rest of the office staff.

Other precedents can take place in social situations, where the power structure is not yet defined. For example, when PUA takes a girl on a date, he can set her expectations on his plans for the day. If is full of surprises, he can set that as a precedence as well, saying, “Just so you know, we are going to do some exciting things today. I want you to be feeling comfortable, relaxed, and just enjoy the ride, okay. Can you do that?”


Wolf can set a stronger precedence of his core values to his targets on his cold approaches by dropping the canned routines.

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Source: Stone/AlphaWolf