Practice Game

Quick Definition: When a PUA doesn’t know what to do or no longer understands where he is in a set, and instead decides to improvise and learn in this new situation.

Full Definition:

For every artist, there is a point where he reaches a new territory in social interactions while learning pick up. For newbies and intermediates, it happens more often. More mPUAs, it happens sometimes. Certain moments or certain events happen, and the artist doesn’t know how to proceed in order to seduce the girl. In these situations, it is often easier to eject.

Practice game is reminiscent of animals play-fighting when little before hunting game for real.


However, by staying in the set and pushing just a little bit more, the artist is able to learn this new dynamic, and, the next time he experiences this, he can further understand it and develop ways to control the interaction in his favor.

Practice Game is simply a term used to dissuade artists from ejecting from sets too early. Rather, he should stick in a set to learn new skills, even though he may not have any chance with the actual target.

Matador on practicing game
“Just the skill of Opening alone can change your life”:

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