• Power Ratio

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The real leverage that someone has over another person, or the amount of influence one exerts over another person’s thoughts and actions.

    Full Definition:

    The “Power Ratio” concept from is from Braddock’s Phone and Text game and it applies to other parts of game too

    He explains, “The Power Ratio is determined by fuse length, who has the most attraction, tempo and emotional pull. If you are chasing her and she is hardly replying to your texts, then the Power Ratio is grossly in her favor.”

    After-Marriage power ratio

    King lion afraid of wifey after marriage

    Understanding the power ratio allows you to realize how much sway you have with the girl you are gaming. Ideally, you want a strong power ratio from the get-go, however you can’t always have 100% control over cold approach interactions, and so you want to build her perception of you as a high source of power from the beginning until the end. Ideally, you’re always a man of high value and with that territory comes a natural level of power and responsibility.


    Russell Brand and the Dalai Lama have a very interesting power ratio dynamic. Super celebrity vs. World re-owned leader with different views on sleep, partying, and hard work

    Usage: Every relationship has an underlying power ratio between the 2 people.

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