Power of Observation

Quick Definition: The power that comes from the ability to quickly observe a person to the extent that you can usually read what he or she is feeling through verbal and more importantly non-verbal cues.

Full Definition:

The power of observation is also related to the ability to “walk a mile in someone’s shoes”. Until a certain level of maturity, the ego is unable to do this because of its focus on the self. When a PUA learns how to read someone by observing their “base” body language, they can decipher key thoughts in that person’s mind that they themselves may not even realize.

The ability to do this gives the power holder options. He or she can either exploit that information, use if to help the person, or otherwise keep it to themselves, knowing full well the truth.

With practice, imagine having the power of Professor X…

For example, NLP practitioners and some dating coaches are able to tell when someone is lying or feeling comfortable about something they just said. This is usually done non-verbally and sometimes via the tone of your voice.

People have different layers of personality – a core, and a shell, sometimes more than 1 shell. The ability to observe and understand someone is so rare, and being understood usually is such a great feeling, that the power of observation can lead you to better understanding people, making friends, and learning how to influence them.

Spoiler Alert: If you ever plan on watching Kenshin (Samurai X), here is his battle with Soujiro, and how his power to observe his opponent helps him in his battle. The narrative plot and character development in this anime remains most of the most memorable among its fans:

Example of a movie plot based on hearing What Women Want:


Do not underestimate the power of observation.

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