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  • Polka Dot

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Polka Dot Pattern Polka dots are a series of circles of of different shapes (and often colors) that are spaced out in an even pattern.

    Polka dots were originally worn by flamenco dancers and other performers. They briefly came into popularity during the late 19th century, when polka dancing was popular (hence their name), but haven't really come into fashion again except for a brief spurt of popularity in 2006.

    Because of the colorful and playful nature of polka dots, polka dots are more common in women's clothing than they are in men's. However, if you want to add a touch of playfulness to your look, or want to do a throwback to earlier times, polka dots might work for you.

    Like any bold pattern, polka dots are best used in moderation. It's hard to get away with wearing a polka dot shirt or pants without making a very dramatic statement:

    Prince in Polka Dots

    Probably not the look you're going for

    Polka Dot Pants

    These pants look great-- for pajamas

    Layering a polka dot shirt with something more conservative can be an effective combination. You can still get the effect of the polka dots, but not come off looking like a clown:

    Polka Dot Layering

    A good use of polka dots and layering

    Otherwise, a touch polka dots is usually enough to get the point across:

    Polka Dot Tie

    Note the understated polka dot tie

    Polka Dot Hat

    A polka dot hat with hip hop style

    Polka Dot Shoes Nike

    Funky polka dot shoes from Nike

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