Polarity / Sexual Polarity

Quick Definition: The contrast in the nature of male and female energy.

Full Definition:

Polarity is a concept originally developed in chemistry, whereby the energy charge of the atoms interact with one another depending on the charges of positive and negative atoms. In a social realm, polarity explains the relationship between masculine and feminine energy. In general, a high masculine energy will attract females, and a highly feminine energy will attract men. Masculine cues include testosterone levels, which regulate a man’s muscles, jawline, and pheromones, among other things. High levels of estrogen produce full lips, coke bottle bodies, and a feminine voice.

Aside from hormones and genetics, artists can manipulate clothing and lifestyle to heighten or lower polarity. For example, a PUA can get tattoos, piercings, and leather jackets to increase masculine polarity. Women use makeup, long hair, high heels, and fabric layers to heighten feminine energy when they go out. Creating polarity through state control and maintaining positive interactions that have GOOD vibes and POSITIVE emotions will override logic with women.

Levels of sexual polarity, once observed and understood, relate to social value and RAS. That is, the person with the most polarity for his or her sex will generally stand out and be more attractive to the opposite sex. Likewise, if a man is too feminine and a woman too masculine, polarity and sexual attraction decreases between the sexes.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. Sometimes a man can be more feminine and still considered sexy. David Bowie, for example, crosses the gender line between masculine and feminine energy but is still sexy. Amy from Evanescence has a hardcore masculine edge, but also retains some of her feminine attributes. In both cases, a conscious control of polarity in the artist’s image helps them become even more intriguing. Keep in mind, however, that despite high degrees of polarity the artists both retain the essence of the male and female traits, which reflects the true nature of who they really are.

David Bowie
David Bowie
evanescence rocker chick
Amy from Evanescence

An example of strong female and male polarity can be found in celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:



Try to create a strong masculine polarity with your new look and move away from the “gay” vibe.

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