• Point To Self (PTS)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A NLP technique whereby the user points to himself and anchors that motion with a specific idea, feeling, or emotion.

    Full Definition:

    This is a technique in NLP that helps PUAs recognize a certain situation, such as AA at a bar, and use a physical PTS anchor to remind himself of the last time he had success. This can be done by either touching himself on the head, in the stomach, or any other gesture. A good example is when Ari Gold from Entourage makes a motion to touch his face whenever he is about to deliver a powerful (usually angry) line.

    Ari Gold from Entourage with his famous hand to face gesture (1:45):


    You can anchor your feeling of success using a PTS technique.

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    Source: Ross Jeffries

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