Poet Shirt

A poet shirt is a loose-fitting shirt or blouse that has full bishop sleeves, along with large frills on the front, along the neckline and on the cuffs.  Poet shirts are nothing new.  They have been around for hundreds of years.  Remember, Mr. Romantic of the 16th century, William Shakespeare?  Yes, that William Shakespeare.  Well, he wore poet shirts, which if you think about it, is rather fitting.  Poet shirts can be made out of linen, silk, satin, cotton, etc.  While poet shirts were worn quite regularly amongst the elite men of years ago, their popularity returned as early as the 1960s.  Pop-rock male musicians in the group, The Monkees, used to wear poet shirts quite often to screaming and adoring female fans.

poet shirt black and white

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, male heavy metal, punk and rock stars began to wear poet shirts along with with heavy eye makeup.  Members of the band Duran Duran used to wear poet shirts too.  While some men may think that poet shirts are too feminine and could never help them to attract desirable women, many men did appeal to women wearing these shirts.  Aside from being a part of fashion evolution, poet shirts made a great comeback as a result of their use in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, in which characters like Jack Sparrow undeniably made the look entirely more masculine, and a symbol of rugged and dashing individualism.  While poet shirts can be worn any time, it seems that unless one is wearing such a shirt as a costume, wearing it in a fabric like linen or cotton may be more appealing than wearing it in satin or silk, which in 2012 would definitely look more dated as opposed to modern.  Today, many men who wear poet shirts and look manly doing so, can be found in the gothic subculture.  Within the subculture, poet shirts are often worn in black, red or other dark colors.  In such cases, the type of fabric varies.  Within the gothic subculture, wearing poet shirts also serves as an homage to the Romantic era in which men were masculine but also worldly, and able to be sensual in order to better attract women.

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poet shirt black and white


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