• Pleasure Bubble

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    Quick Definition: In MM, refers to a really sweet pad or space where everything is setup for comfort and ease. Can also mean A bubble of love between two or more people in an intimate moment where the outside world does not matter and everything happens in slow, pleasurable motion.

    Full Definition:

    Mystery advocates have a nice place to bring girls and friends over. You don’t need to have a pimp pad, however you can always make your place comfortable and inviting for others. The pleasure bubble is a deliberate setup of intimacy and fun, much like the Grotto or parts of the Playboy mansion.

    Pleasure bubbles allow the environment to create a desired emotional effect, and can have girls feeling attracted to you, being the host of the night and owner of the property.

    beautiful house pleasure bubble

    Example of a pleasure bubble house

    You don’t need a lot of money to create a pleasure bubble. A low lighting, candles, a play with lamps and color shades can create the right mood. As such, every PUA should have a pleasure bubble location at their house.


    I love your pleasure bubble downtown apartment!

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    BrazilianPUA January 9, 2014 - 12:04 pm

    You need money to build / maintain a pleasure bubble spot; however, it’s the PUA’s obligation develop his career to make this money ;)



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