Quick Definition: The level of fun and willingness to interact with others positively. This is communicated through overall demeanor and vibe.

Full Definition:

Imagine a puppy. She’s always playful. She likes people. She’ll nudge at newcomers. Even if they don’t like her, she just hops away and keeps playing by herself. Imagine yourself as a child. Did we take rejection seriously? No. Our curiosity trumps, and we keep interacting with the world as if we are always happy to explore all it has to offer.

The playfulness vibe is a crucial and powerful seduction tool. Guys have become more playful and, as a result, have more success with women. The ability to play and interact with others also increases the artist’s likeability factor. Thus, embodying this playful vibe is important to becoming a charismatic artist.

There are times where increasing playfulness does not create attraction. This is usually accompanied by a need for more dominance and masculinity. For example, most girls don’t fall for playful boys. In these cases, the man must become playful, while retaining his natural dominance or what we call “high status humor.”

Example: play-fighting is a natural behavior for dogs and other animals to develop hunting skills in a safe environment:


Look at how playful and dominant he is at the same time.

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