AKA “Female Player”

Quick Definition: The female version of a player.

Full Definition:

The playette is usually not an FPUA, in that she is not skilled in pickup terminology or schools of thought. She is, however, naturally skilled at game and has a very seductive avatar. The playette usually has multiple boyfriends and tons of orbiters.

Playettes develop the natural charm and skill to attract many different guys, but rarely actually commit to just one. In many cases, playettes are more drawn to the seduction process than an actual commitment that results in a long-term boyfriend. Like many PUAs, they enjoy the thrill of the chase, but aren’t as interested in the comfort of a relationship.

UPN ran a reality show on Dawn, a playette based out of Miami, FL. in 2004 that details some of her techniques in dealing with multiple men:


Becky is a playette, she has multiple orbiters and a few boyfriends so gaming her will be very hard.

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