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    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: An individual involved in the game of seduction, generally a man who sleeps around with many women with no long term relationship commitment.

    Full Definition:

    Player is a mainstream term, and, although the term is sometimes used interchangeably with “PUA,” some members of the community argue that there is a difference between players and PUAs. While both players and PUAs have the goal of sleeping with large numbers of women, the term “player” usually has a negative connotation of dishonesty and disrespect for women—someone who “plays” with the feelings of women to get them into bed.

    Although some PUAs share the same mindset, many PUAs believe in honesty, rather than deception, and are up front about their multiple relationships with women. Many PUAs see the path of seduction as a journey of self improvement and use pickup skills to express their best selves to women in a genuine and authentic way, in order to gain their attraction and companionship. The motto of many PUAs is “leave her better than you found her,” and they strive to give value to women, rather than simply taking it.

    In this way, many PUAs try to distinguish themselves from players, although not all PUAs make such distinctions. There are “good” PUAs and “good” players, just as there are bad PUAs and bad players. Hugh Hefner, for example, is a well known player who has positive relationships with most of his ex-girlfriends.

    Hugh Hefner, the quintessential player

    Hugh Hefner, the quintessential player


    That guy’s just a player– he’ll just use you and leave you.

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