Quick Definition: A sentence or common statement that is presented as if it was original or has significant meaning, when in fact is said with a tonality of triteness and fear of not being politically correct. In essence, a platitude is a useless sentence and can be deemed as disrespectful.

Full Definition:

A platitude depends on the tonality and the conviction of how these are said, some examples can include:

  • Girls are such bitches
  • Just be confident!
  • You gotta do what you gotta do
  • Everything happens for a reason

Of course these famous sayings have their origins and original intentions. However, at times when people don’t know what to say, they can resort to these common platitudes. Often times, when dating, partner may become nervous and resort to this. A platitude cannot be backed up. For example if a man says, “I believe women have the right to choose”. The woman may ask, “what do you mean by that?”

If he said it as a platitude, he will have to make something up on the spot. If he said it, however, as a reason for women’s rights and abortion, he now has a tangent to go off in his statement. A vision. A belief.

Platitudes can be rude, if said in jest, or said without much thought. It communicates a lack of sincerity or intelligence in some situations, and should be avoided at all costs. Ideally, an artist will become a man on substance, and any words, vocabulary or sentences of platitudes should not ever leave his mouth.


Let’s not resort to platitudes now!

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