Plate Spinning

Quick Definition: The practice of working on seducing multiple women at once.

Full Definition:

Plate spinning is a term that comes from the performance arts (similar to “juggling”), and is used by some segments of the seduction community to refer to the idea of having multiple women in one’s life, at various stages of seduction. For example, a PUA might have a handful of numbers he just picked up, a couple of girls he’s scheduled for Day 2s, and a few women that he is sleeping with regularly.

The idea behind plate spinning is that, by having multiple women in his life, the PUA is able to avoid focusing too strongly on any particular one. This helps to keep him outcome independent and avoid becoming too attached to any one girl, as well as cultivating an abundance mentality.

Plate spinning in action
Plate spinning in action

Spinning multiple girls at once can be difficult at first, but managing multiple relationships is a skill that can be learned, just like learning to spin a real set of plates.


I’m spinning a couple plates right now, but nothing serious.

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