• Pity Pat

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A light “pat pat” girls give guys on the back that means “we will never be having sex”.

    Full Definition:

    Girls will punish bad game ruthlessly and the pity pat is exactly that. It is code for, “We will never be having sex and I pet my dog that way too”. You recognize this when she doesn’t hug you super hard, and then pats you lightly on the back. If she does this, you can call her out on it, “don’t you pity pat me!”.

    But, usually, at this point it is too late, she has already categorized you as non-sexual to her. It is nonverbal and often not conscious. Learn to recognize the pity pat as an IOD.

    Are you like this:Best-Movie-Kisses-01-pg-full

    Or like this?

    pity pat

    Usage: Don’t you pity pat me miss!

    Related Terms: Blowout, C&B, Eject, Rejection, Set, IOD, Qualification, Role Reversal, Let’s Just Be Friends (LJBF), Oneitis, Onegina, Orbiter

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