• Pipelining

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    Source: Originally written by Fox & Donkey Puncher

    Quick Definition: The act of setting up multiple girls to meet you during a given time period, in order to create abundance, to create a “group” outing, or otherwise prevent flaking from one particular girl.

    Full Definition:

    Donkey Puncher explains: “It’s like where you talk to girls online or otherwise and start setting up meeting times before reaching your destination. It’s good if you’re going to another place, so you have warm sets to sarge upon arrival.”

    Pipelining is a concept from sales – the good salesperson is always closing, and always setting up the pipeline so a stream of potential prospects can be closed. In this sense, he can setup his “pipe” to meet certain results over a deadline or given period of time.

    girls lining up for you

    A lot of critics of the game think that pipelining is misogynistic or “inhuman” because we are treating girls like objects, or a score. However, anyone who who is seeking the truth with women know that socially, we want to setup our own desires in the best way possible, and in meeting more and more people, we are able to make the best choices and ultimately benefit those around us the most.


    You never know if a girl will show up for the first time to be sure to pipeline your dates

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    1 comment

    Doc October 31, 2012 - 9:34 am

    “we are treating girls like objects, or a score.”

    So? Women treat men like objects – ATMs, wallets, etc… Why shouldn’t a man treat a woman like an object? Of course, every man knows that women aren’t as easy as men for this usage, and just tilt the deck in their favor using the nature competitiveness of women to enhance his odds.

    This is called common sense… Of course all women are against a man doing anything advantageous for himself, as they see that as detrimental for their usage of him…


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