Ping Texts

Quick Definition: A text that grabs the girl’s attention and forces her to respond and it also gives you a signal to know whether she is at that moment too busy to speak to you.

Full Definition:

So what is a ping text?

Ping texts do not make much logical sense, and as a result they break patterns and get the woman to become curious, and as a further result she begins investing in you a lot more. Ping texts are also a great way to indicate whether a woman is available to speak on the phone, (which should be your objective). Kezia notes:

These are a list of ping texts that I have given my students, and they have sent these ping texts in front of me, only to have a response within 2 minutes!

With ping texts, you are tossing the ball lightly so the girl can “play” and engage with you

“ Doberman Pincher or Dalmatian?” (You can pick any two dogs, but these 2 for some reason
produce the desired effect most)
Girl usually responds with:
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Why are you asking?”
Just by getting her to respond with either of these replies means you have achieved two
1.She is responding, (and usually straight away), instead of leaving your text message for a few
hours until she can be bothered to reply.
2.You are able to indicate whether she is busy or not. If she replies within 5 minutes, then this
means she is not too busy to take your call.
When she replies, you should respond with this:
“I’m thinking about buying a puppy silly!” or ‘dopey’ (your choice)
She will then respond with the following:
“Oh. I don’t know. I prefer cats/I like Labradors/I don’t know much bout dogs..Etc”

You can then try to call her. Kezia’s philosophy as a woman advocates getting her actually on the phone quickly, because texts tend to burn out, especially with popular girls.

You can pickup Kezia’s full Text Game book here.

Usage: Use a ping text to see if they number is still worth it.

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