• Piercing The Veil

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Momentarily seeing life’s truths in stark reality, being as close to reality as possible and seeing things without emotional judgement or mental clouds.

    Full Definition:

    Constantly going out grants a piercing in the social veil of social conditioning. Seeing the truth, of humanity and life, if only for a moment. At that moment we embrace humanity – both the good, and bad. Not the social narrative that is presented by Disney or the media, but life as it is. Cruel, brutal, beautiful, altruistic, selfish, slutty, innocent, loving.

    hyperbolic time chamber dragon ball z super buu escapes

    Boo temporarily displaces a hole in the hyperbolic time chamber, piercing that reality and going into a new one

    Usage: We gotta pierce the veil of your current “reality”

    Related Terms: Social Conditioning, Promiscuity, Social Value, Social Hierarchy

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