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pick up 101

Quick Definition:
Pickup101 was a San Francisco based company started by Lance Mason and his associates. It is currently part of the Art Of Attraction organization.

Full Definition:

Pickup101 focused on a natural flow of game an confidence in its early years. They had a specific strength in day game, sarging in the tourist famous places of Union Square and Marina in San Francisco.

Over time Pickup101 has incorporated a more structured approach and even released a in-field video product, usually after a leader in the field has done so already and some in the community noted that they were playing catch-up. Internal conflict also gave way to business issues that were not related to the pure art of seduction. Nonetheless, the school has contributed a lot of natural game tactics to the community.

Lance Mason has personally spoken at several key PUA events and is known for his strong body language and physical attraction methods. An example is seen in the video here:

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