Pickup Opportunity Cost

AKA Relationship Opportunity Cost

Quick Definition: The opportunity cost is the next-best choice (assuming the PUA made the best choice available to him) that is available to someone who has picked between several mutually exclusive choices.

Full Definition:

If the PUA decides to approach a certain set, he loses the opportunity to approach another set within that same time frame. As such, the opportunity cost is usually the alternative that the PUA is giving up when two mutually exclusive choices are available to him. He could merge sets, but he cannot go back in time and approach that girl. Sometimes, another guy will start talking to her, or she may walk out of the bar.

Similarly, when deciding to be with a certain girl, there is a relationship opportunity cost. The person in the relationship is investing in the union and foregoing the option of possibly finding someone else they love more or has a higher S&R value to them. Being single also has an opportunity cost, in that the PUA loses time to learn relationship skills and fall in love.

Being aware of opportunity costs is important in understanding the real impact of our decisions, as the “next best alternative” is evaluated in comparison the decisions we make.


There’s a pickup opportunity cost is every decision you make. We can’t change this, it is life. But we need to be aware of the things we give up in every decision we make.

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