Pickup Lifestyle Experiments

Quick Definition: An experimentation of different ways to best train men to become good with women over a short period of time. Lifestyle experiments involve living together with instructors or other naturals and having a structure plan to improve one’s game.

Full Definition:

Recently, there has been an increase in experiments involving PUAs living together or living with instructors who are very good with women. Increasingly there are female instructors that also train the students in the art of pickup. Sometimes, a local lair will offer room for local PUAs to live together, thus creating a “house” that lives pickup on a day to day basis. Sometimes there is drama, like all houses, but the benefits of learning more quickly and collaborating are obvious. As the industry continues to grow, we will see more lifestyle related experiments, perhaps linking into tantra, yoga, or female seduction and sex circles as we continue to evolve.


n/a – concept

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