Pickup Foresight

Quick Definition: The ability to realize that over time, averages of data patterns will ensure that if trained properly, a student will get consistent results.

Full Definition:

Foresight is needed to have faith and discipline in your learning process. You know that if proper measurements are in place and effort exerted, the end result will be positive. Foresight also allows the PUA to see his future goals, such as getting a hot girlfriend or a wife, or a life he would like to have while traveling on his path.

Sometimes a PUA’s journey will allow him to see other options, other paths that are possible to him while he’s improving and metting different people.

Sometimes, falling in love with a girl changes a man’s life path. All of this is learned by being “out-there” and in-field.

hugh hefner high school cartoons
Before Hefner started playboy, he used to draw cartoons of his future and what he envisioned his life to be like. He had to foresight to see his future success at a very young age.

Usage: Every good PUA coach has a good foresight for his student’s progress, should maximum effort be exerted.

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