• Pickup Artist Pilgrimage

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The journey that a pickup artist takes, allowing him to master his own life, the art of seduction, and ultimately himself.

    Full Definition:

    When you travel, you are automatically thrown outside of your comfort zone. When PUAs travel, they come back from it more rooted, more used to adapting in different environments. More importantly, it forces them to rely on core confidence, not situational confidence. In the MTV show Made, a lot of breakthroughs take place when the teenager travels to another city, to see the national gathering of the pros in their selected area of improvement. This is what it takes to master a skill.

    Not all travel is positive. Sometimes, a PUA can be thrown off-course or discouraged by a certain event or person. The pilgrimage is tough and grueling, and continues for years. Sometimes a PUA may even decide to step aside from game to focus other areas of his or her life. Ultimately, a pilgrimage generally involves a significant change of location or events in a person’s life that pushes him to adapt and confront his own fears, and in process better know himself.

    Tyler talks about the two types of extremes of the PUA pilgrimage and how it relates to evolutionary biology in The Blueprint:

    One type of alpha male works on power and stability. He builds his castle and foundation, and becomes the leader his tribe. He obtains all the women within that social circle by building a foundation and his social network. Think Hugh Hefner.

    Playboy Mansion on MTV Cribs:

    The other type of alpha male is a traveler. He works on perfecting his art, his love of life, his ability to adapt to different scenarios and situations. Casanova was such as person. He lives off of other people’s favors and money because he is charming. Also, many people admire him and secretly wish to be like him, and, therefore, Casanova was able to allure many rich patrons and allies during his escapades in Florence and beyond. This type of alpha male travels a lot and ends up sleeping with many women. Tyler’s theory of this is that traveler alpha male evolutionary spreads his DNA and variety throughout tribes. And therefore this type of alpha male has evolved over time. Think Brad Pitt (Tristan) in Legends of the Fall.

    Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall


    You have yet to being your PUA pilgrimage, young one.

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    Source: Tyler Durden, RSD

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