Pick Up Guru (PUG)

Quick Definition: A self-proclaimed expert of the seduction community, often an instructor of their own PUA Company.

Full Definition:

PUGs or PUA Gurus are men (and sometimes women) who claim to be experts at pickup and seduction, who teach other guys how to pickup women (often at exorbitant prices).

The term “guru” comes from Hindi, where it means one who has acquired a great deal of knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a specific area, and uses it to guide others. Originally, the term was used to refer to spiritual or religious teachers, but the term has come to be used for any type of expert, though it still has slight mystical connotation.

In the seduction community, there are quite a few guys who either call themselves gurus or are referred to as gurus by others. Some of the more well known ones are guys such as Mystery, Ross Jeffries, David Deangelo, and Style. A few of these are legitimately skilled pick up artists, but there are also many so-called “gurus” with dubious experience and authority.

Because pickup is a hard skill to objectively measure, it attracts a lot of charlatans and hucksters looking to make a quick buck off of other men’s insecurities. You should do your research and find credible evidence that a teacher is skilled before believing everything he says. Ironically, the more someone calls himself a guru, the less likely they are to be actually skilled at pickup.

Some famous pickup gurus:


Style is often considered a PUG.

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