Pick Up Artist (PUA)

Quick Definition: A person who has committed himself/herself to studying and applying the art of pickup and seduction.

Full Definition:

A pick up artist is a man (or less commonly, a woman FPUA) who is dedicated to improving his skills with the opposite sex through the methods found in the pickup community—a community of guys who study how to seduce and sleep with women. Members of this loosely knit subculture call themselves by various names, including Casanova and Don Juan, but the most common term is pickup artist, or PUA for short. Recently, female counterparts and wing girls have begun to embrace the community, along with gay men, who also use tactics such as the neg and kino escalation in same sex seduction strategies.

According to Mystery, a noted pick up guru, “you are either a PUA, or AFC.” In this sense, any student or person that makes a mental commitment to become better with the opposite sex is essentially a PUA. Others in the community believe the term applies only to men who have achieved some level of proficiency in seducing women.

There are many different interpretations of a PUA’s skill level, usually via forums posts and in field verification of the PUA’s credentials. An mPUA is someone who has mastered, for most part, the art of pickup and has options in his sex life when he chooses to use his skills. Not all mPUAs are famous on the forums, as some stay private, only publishing writings once in a while. Others leave the community altogether after mastering what they need for their lives. Even others like Richard La Ruina start their own PU companies.

What do some of the well known public figure PUAs look like?

Pick Up Artist


I am a professional PUA.

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