Phone Game

Quick Definition: The segment of game that involves time bridging the girl and communicating with her via phone and text to continue the seduction.

Full Definition:

Phone game falls into the logistics and time bridging area of the seduction continuum. Many GPUAs have challenge points related to phone game, especially after they have started to get girls’ numbers. While the management of number gaming and texting is very important, is also important to distinguish between a lack of value from game and a ball drop in the PUA’s lead management of the phone number. As the skills of the PUA progress, he will become better at setting up time bridges, and also working his target via phone game. When practicing phone game, always remember that a girl who likes the PUA will always find a way to get in touch, while the best logistics in the world cannot get a girl who does not like the PUA to come out.

Vin DiCarlo  and Julien Foxx talk about follow-up game:


My phone game is pretty solid, I can almost always get the girl on a day 2.

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