Evolution Phase Shift (Phase-Shift)

Quick Definition: To transition between the comfort and seduction stages of pickup. A phase-shift can be a general change in communication style, as well as a phase-shift routine.

Full Definition:

Phase-shifting is transitioning from the rapport building phase of pickup, where you’re getting to know each other, to actual sexual escalation.

There are different guidelines on how to best gauge when to phase-shift. For example, in the Mystery Method, from where the term originates, a PUA phase-shifts after receiving three genuine IOIs. With enough field experience and calibration, he can figure out when he has built up enough comfort and attraction to make a move.

Phase-shifting can be done by increasing the kino escalation and turning up the sexual tension. This is also usually accompanied by lowering one’s energy level and getting into a sexual state.

There are also many phase-shift routines that have been created for the purpose of sexually escalating. One such example is Style’s Evolution Phase Shift routine that uses erotic biting and kissing in order to build up the sexual tension before going in for a kiss.


I phase-shifted smoothy into a long makeout session.

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Source: Mystery

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