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    Personalisation simply refers to making a style one’s own.  To personalize clothing with accessories like a sharp tie, for example, is a way to make a fashion statement (even when it’s a trendy one) a reflection of oneself. A good style consultant will personalize each consultation, preferably based on the client’s core identity and strengths. In all good personalization cases, the consultant will accentuate the client’s strengths and minimize his weaknesses. For example, wearing a tight shirt for a guy with a good upper body, and wearing black to minimize the size of a heavier client.

    Example of personalization of bowties:

    personalized bow ties for men


    Here is an interesting spin on a suit with the black gloves. Notice the added masculinity to the look

    personalized black gloves gangster


     Whatever age the man is, personalization makes the style more fitting and more congruent with the wearer’s identity:

    personalized style older man

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