• Personal Momentum

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The ability of an artist’s will to personally build up momentum, usually over time, to achieve a specific goal.

    Full Definition:

    Group momentum is easier to achieve. A corporate sponsor, our day to day, a sports team, these types of social structures “force” us into a routine for a common purpose. Personal momentum, however, is reserved for the truly great ones. Athletes  stars and business people often have great personal momentum because they are able to set a path towards a goal and work at it until great momentum is achieved. Most people give up half way through or in the beginning.

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    A personal momentum could be studying for a test that is 3 weeks away, and the student is already on top of his or her work in studying the subjects for that exam. A PUA may plan a house party 30 days in advance, and work towards building momentum for the maximum number of girls showing up at that party. Personal momentum involves being alone – going home by yourself, and still be able to foster a private mindset of progress and goal setting, even in tough circumstantial situations. For example, the business man who has his most important pitch tomorrow is not going to let his loneliness and the darkness of the house consume him the day before. He sees the big picture, and he knows that the sun will shine again. His plan exceeds his momentary circumstance for “feeling cozy” and “feeling good”.

    A key pillar to personal success is the mastery of this personal momentum – to have the courage, will power, and discipline to keep pushing yourself when others are not there, as ultimately we come into the world alone (arguable, with our mothers) and we will leave alone someday. So make the best use of your time, player.

    Momentum isn’t always just THERE. It needs time to build up. When you first get back into game after a long break, it may be hard at first. Start small, but the key is to keep going. Over time, the progress is made and will stack. You will get better and better at sorting things out and making decisions in regards to this part of your life.

    Owen talks about getting back into momentum and how to control your personal momentum in getting back into game:


    What’s your personal momentum like without outside motivation?

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