Quick Definition: An image, personality or inner self that is expressed through the artist.

Full Definition:

Actors embody personas. They embody a characteristic, or trait that they naturally have, or would like to develop. Personas sometimes are born into a person, but like Ben Franklin, often times they are develop as part of the person’s desire to become a particular man (or woman) that they see themselves to be.

A lot of entertainers embrace personas in order to control group-think and the public’s opinions or understanding of them. Everyone has a quick “brand” that defines who they are to the public. In reality, each human being has a depth that is hard to know but in public, our personas usually play the role. As such, controlling and using public personas to our advantage is totally key in achieving the things we want and protecting our loved ones.

In a way, the very idea of a “persona’ is attractive because it simultaneously means that the person knows that this is a game, and they are smart enough to control their public image. At the same time, it also conveys that by the existence of the persona, the person has a deeper core and personality that goes beyond the “persona” entity. Therefore the use of the persona as a public image is so important is creating attraction through fame, and the management of one’s image.

Some user persona to live a life or represent something their self cannot be.
Some use personas to shield themselves from their vulnerabilities
armor x men
Others use personas to impersonate a character that they admire or want to embody their traits from
gundam nadlee
Some use it as a handicap, to hide who they really are (pretending to be dumb to the other person reveals their true colors)
Even some use it to protect loved ones, and the misdirect their enemies


Vince has a business persona and a rockstar one that comes out at different times

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