Permanent DHV

Quick Definition: A long term personal trait that is always exhibiting the social value of a man.

Full Definition:

After a certain point, a man’s vibe is a permanent DHV. We could observe older men who lived their lives without fear – these experiences ultimately make them have character, and they are always at displaying higher value. Life experience, life direction.

A motivated person, going after what he wants, is a DHV. A vision, a plan, a lifelong passion for a craft. These are permanent DHVs.

One can argue that model good looks are also permanent DHVs. A male model who walks around is always DHV’ing girls with his good looks. However, the physical looks will fade, and a male model can turn of a girl with his lack of intelligence or character. A female model must try a lot harder to do so for casual sex, and can still easily turn a guy off who’s looking for an intimate relationship with an amazing woman.

Al_Pacino pua
Al Pacino isn’t the most handsome Hollywood actor, but his gaze and natural talent is a permanent DHV

Example of Al Pacino’s character in Scent of a Woman. Despite his blindness, he’s always exhibiting class in his character and always attractive in his behavior:


Craig Daniel’s piercing blue eyes is a permanent DHV

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