Period of Immersion

Quick Definition: Deep focus on one subject in order to reach significant improvement in a skill set

Full Definition:

Have you ever taken salsa class weekly for 3 months, and then after another 3 months, completely forgot most of the steps except the basics?

In certain subjects, we can do 1 hour exercise a day and see long term results. Perhaps a guy is naturally fit to workout – he can do 1 hour workouts 2-3 times a day and see massive gains. Or a child is gifted with the piano and learns quickly. In most areas, we need a period of immersion in order to get significant results from a process. For me, dancing salsa has always been fun, but moving the body and musicality did not come naturally. Over the course of 1 on 1 lessons over 3 months, I gradually improved and now am able to retain 90% of the skills and moves I learned from those 3 months.

Periods of immersion happen in pick up when a guy dedicates part of his live to learning game – going out 3 times a week and recording his interactions and analyzing them. My coach told me to write a field report the very night at 3am, in order to retain the details of what happened that night and the lessons I learned.

Unlike video games, with built-in game mechanics (at least, the good ones), most skills are a pain to do consistently in the beginning. But as you start the process, more joy come to you in the process of dance, singing, learning a new language, learning coding, or whatever it may be, that you eventually can’t do without it. Over time, certain hurdles and boundaries are reached, and during any period of immersion, the man should be able to have at least 1-2 significant breakthroughs and change in character.



To really improve significantly to master level you need a period of immersion of at least 3 months

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Source: Owen Cook, RSD

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