Quick Definition: The process of gradually understanding and internalizing an idea or concept.

Full Definition:

As a pickup artist, the ability to understand and internalize a new idea or concept fairly quickly is important. But we humans are skeptical creatures by nature, and new thoughts and ideas can take a while to firmly take root in our minds.

To percolate, in the context of an idea or a concept, means to slowly filter through our minds before being completely accepted and internalized. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, and sometimes requires a great deal of experience to completely take place. For example, to a pickup artist who is still in the early stages of learning the game, the idea of negging a woman might seem bizarre and counter-intuitive. In such a situation he would have to think through the logical reasoning behind the point of negging and have a few successes using the technique himself for the idea to completely percolate within his mind.


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It is important to remember that this delay in internalizing new ideas is not entirely a bad thing. A pickup artist that blindly embraces every technique and theory that he hears of can in-fact have a much harder time improving his game than one that only accepts ideas and concepts that he lets percolate in his mind through personal experience.

Taking the time to let ideas sit in your mind and percolate can slow down the speed in which you learn the game, but the ideas and concepts that you internalize this way will take root in your brain much more firmly than if you were to blindly accept and follow them.

Usage: He needed a couple of days to sleep on the idea and let it percolate.

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