Perceptual Filters

Quick Definition: The process of absorbing new information and interpreting it based on previous experiences or cultural “norms”.

Full Definition:

Perceptual filters can be used as a shortcut help reduce uncertainty about new experiences. For example, we know that if we jump out of the building we will likely fall and die. This is based on secondary data and perceptual filter of movies and other people who have done the same thing.

Filters can be based on race, gender, income, and any platform of experiences. It is important to remember that although perceptual filters provide necessary shortcuts for understanding social information it can also form prejudices and biases that can impede the ability to perceive new information on its own merit.

For example, a child who grows up with a dad who verbally abuses her mother may naturally assume that all men are this way and she may never have respect for men. This filter would most likely cause her to make very poor judgments in relationships, while everything else in her life may be perfect to the rest of the world.

Or, a guy who has always been rejected by women harshly, may assume that all women reject men that way and therefore never get over his fear of the approach.

pua scared-of-women
One of the first steps of game is always to challenge the fear of meeting and attracting women.

In pick up, coaches often refer to reference points in order to build new experiences. Because of the newbie’s perceptual filters of women and sex prior to learning game, it is important that these are wiped clean and any previous assumption blasted away. While they can be temporarily removed, most PUAs need at least 6 months of internalization and in-field experience to realize that they in fact are cool and that picking up women can be fun and easy if done correctly.

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Don’t let your perceptual filters of the past affect your actions going forward.

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