Perceptual Escalation Threshold

Quick Definition: The fine line of balance between the conscious realization of your escalation intentions and unconscious acceptance of the woman to your sexual advances.

Full Definition:

Gambler coined this term in Stealth Attraction. This is the point at which the HB realizes on a conscious level that you are escalating, and she is forced to make a decision because she can no longer claim “serendipity” or plausible deniability. It’s like an alarm that goes off when she feels a certain gut level of pressure. For example, you touch her leg too soon, and it becomes really, really obvious to her and those around her that you are making sexual advances. She now has to let herself AND the group knows if she is willing to accept them.

Example of Chip being really obvious, and Hitch doing it right

“If you operate above the threshold, you’re toast. Fly below the radar, and well…it’s smooth sailing.” – Gambler
Be aware of girl’s perceptual escalation thresholds so you don’t trigger her alarms.

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Source: Gambler

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