Perceived Value

Quick Definition: The intuitive judgment of a person’s S&R value based on a first impression.

Full Definition:

Perceived value is mostly based on what the PUA is able to convey externally about his internal personality and game.

Whether or not we consider ourselves judgmental, most people’s minds unconsciously associate a value to any new person that enters their reality based on a first impression. Some of the queues that convey value are subtle, and the observance of these by the perceiver is also unconscious.

Perceived value can be controlled by mastering a strong inner and outer game that has many DHVs and developing a sense of awareness of one’s presence. Perceived value is not always an accurate representation of the real value of a person. For example, a girl may be having a bad day, or is embarrassed about a pimple, and thus appear with a low perceived value when forced to go out to the bar with her friends, when in fact she could very well be a high value person in her normal life.


Your perceived value is all that matters in a cold approach.

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