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    Quick Definition: An original girl-code term that describes the act of watching other people and their behavior, as if studying the animal at the zoo.

    Full Definition:

    Men fight and hunt (or these days, watch sports), women people watch. Historically, with less physical strength and social power, women learned to become more observant to human interactions. Thus they gained a subtle and invisible skill in being able to sense the emotions and micro-expressions of people. One of the activities that most women enjoy and men find boring is people watching.

    By constantly observing the masses, women learn to pick up on people’s emotions and inner thoughts. Little girls play with dolls, and boys play with tanks, cars, and GI Joes. This skill can be learned also by men, and Pick Up Artists, as social dynamics experts, have learned to tune into micro-expressions and people watching.

    One of the great joys of being a great pick up artist is being able to sense whether an interaction between a guy and a girl is going well. With enough experience, an mPUA can usually tell just by looking at a man and woman whether they are married or just friends. Although at the masses, people are predictable, there are inherent differences in personality, and sometimes PUAs can’t always tell if a set will go well. For example, a girl may cross her arms but still give her number out, because she was cold.

    Example of people watching at the mall:


    My girlfriend loves people watching.

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    BrazilianPUA January 11, 2014 - 2:19 pm

    The PUA knowledge is highly intellectual, due to influences from psychology, antropology, sociology… I love it! :D

    And it (the PUA knowledge) does influences on all areas of my life, such as Job Career, Friendships and Health.

    Thanks, COMMUNITY!

    – BP


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