Penis Implant Routine (Brad P.)

Originally invented by Brad P.

“Yeah, I don’t want to brag or anything but I had a bit of plastic surgery done and it went really well. I mean it cost a lot of money but it was really worth it.”

(Girls respond.)

“Well it’s kind of a secret… OK I got a penis implant. They doubled my size; I’m 4 inches now.”

This routine can go on for 10–15 minutes with the women asking to see your implant. If they are pretty heated up, sometimes they’ll try pulling down your pants. You can just tease them if you want or you can go ahead and whip it out if you are so inclined. This is a good way to turn things sexual under the veil of humor. Start talking about what they’ve had done. If there is a good sexual vibe going, squeeze their butts or boobs to “check” if they are real. Say you think a woman’s lips are fake and use that as an excuse to kiss her. The possibilities are endless.

The frame control and the comfort with topics of sex needs to be rock solid in order for this routine to work. Nonetheless, it can be considered a “blow out” routine, which is amusing to you, but may piss girls off. The goal is to desensitize the PUA from negative reactions in a set.