Pendant Anchoring

Quick Definition: Anchoring an initial meeting into a physical object.

Full Definition:

Sometimes, when PUAs face a time bridge, it is important to leave the girl with something to remember him by. As humans, we spend our entire life in various brain states and moods, and women in particular may not feel the same thing she did for the PUA tomorrow.

Pendant anchoring involves giving her a little piece of yourself by carrying a cheap pendant or necklace. The PUA can use this to anchor the feelings she currently has for him. Placing the pendant around her neck is not only romantic, but the physical contact of the pendant on her neck, as well as the optical stimuli of the pendant when she looks at it the next day, will trigger memories in her brain. The brain is a big associative network and, assuming your night really did go well, every time she sees or feels your pendant, she’ll be reminded of you. And hence, she will be much more likely to give you a call back and less likely to flake. Having a cool little story to go with the pendant is always preferred.


PUA: Well we have to go home now. I really loved talking to you.

Girl: Yeah, I’m glad I met you tonight.

PUA: So Thursday at 8pm, I’ll see you at the bookstore right?

Girl: Yeah.

PUA: Okay, I have to go catch my friends. But I’ll be thinking of you for the next couple days. [Take pendant off your neck.] Here, I got this in Thailand last year. I bought it from this sweet old lady who makes necklaces on the beach all day long. [Put the pendant on her neck.] So you’ll keep it safe for me right? And when I see you again, you can give it back.


Pendant anchor your dinner with her with your bracelet, if you so trust her.

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Source: NLP, Speed Seduction

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