• Pecking

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of leaning in and out of a conversation, almost like a bird pecking at some seeds.

    Full Definition:

    Pecking occurs when an aPUA leans in to say something to the girl he is talking to, and then leans back out again, repeating this over and over again in a motion that resembles a pecking bird. Worse still is when an aPUA leans in every time the girl has something to say. This is a very weak frame and subcommunicates that the aPUA finds the girl so important that he is willing to compromise his body language every time she speaks.

    A much stronger frame for the PUA to have is to lean away from the girl and project his voice louder, so that she leans into him whenever she wants to speak. At the very least, he should mirror the woman’s body language to match her interest level. Pulling a girl in towards oneself in a very loud venue is also a very good opportunity for kino.


    You’re pecking–stand up straight and lean back!

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