Peak State Performance

Quick Definition: The level of performance that is accompanied by a strong mental state, usually through rigorous mental conditioning and preparation before the actual event.

Full Definition:

A term borrowed from the world of sports to apply to successful modeling and training in general, Tony Robbins explains that, “I am NOT a motivator or ‘positive thinking’ guru or any sort of ‘positive’ BS. I believe in peak state performance.” This level of performance is the combination of a strong mental frame and physical performance. How you think determines how you perform. By changing your thinking, you change your performance, and thus the mind controls the body.

Any successful artist/seducer will have trained his approaches and interaction with the opposite sex rigorously. A beginner or natural may be heavily influenced on any night by a bad state: “Oh man, I just don’t feel like performing tonight.” This type of mentality is not unusual for those who do not make a living from this particular profession.

I remember one time, a very successful store manager at Guess! was teaching us the art of sales. Her speech before the store opened for the day went as such:

“The customer doesn’t know if your mother just got sick, or if you have had a bad day. They expect you to be good at your job. The audience at a comedy show doesn’t care of the comedian is having an “off” day. They paid for their tickets and it is within their right to expect a great show. Similarly, you are sales reps. You are expected to sell, and help the customer and help the store. Despite of your current mood, feelings, personal agendas, the professionalism of the position requires you to perform the task that is asked of you.”

In a similar passage, Gambler wrote in his book, The Natural Art of Seduction, “As a professional PUA, you should be able to do an approach on command, despite your mood or state. Your level of state control must be honed and developed so you can demo for students on command.”

Peak state refers to the user of “flow,” whereby the ego dissolves and the person performing the art or process becomes “one” with the performance. Athletes, musicians, and all successful artists describe a similar phenomenon. The better the PUA or dating instructor, the more likely he’s able to hit peak state performance on a regular basis.

Usage: Great atheletes are able to tap into their peak performance state more often than others.

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