• Peak Experience

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A high point in a person’s life where he or she feels a sudden rush of euphoria and feels more alive and connected to the world at large than usual.

    Full Definition:

    Abraham Maslow, who defined the term of peak experiences says that they are sudden feelings of intense happiness and well-being, which are often accompanied by a feeling of awareness of an “ultimate truth” and the unity of all things. He says that these experience fill the individual with wonder and awe,  making them feel at one with the world, and  pleased with it.

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    Think back on a time where you were in field and you felt like you were in God Mode. Remember how every set you approached seemed to open easily, and how everything you said felt like the exact right thing to say at that moment. Do you remember the sensation of intense happiness that everything was alright in the world and the peaceful feeling that you suddenly understood a truth much bigger than yourself? In that moment did you feel the process of pickup transcending the lines and gimmicks and reaching a plane of true artistry? Now that’s a peak experience.

    Peak experiences are almost mystical and therapeutic in nature because in addition to leaving you with feelings of intense euphoria and contentment, they also make you realize just how powerful your own inherent potential is. If you’ve ever read about the law of attraction, having a peak experience will make you realize with crystalline clarity just what the big secret is about.

    So how do you go about achieving peak experiences?

    The thing about peak experiences is that they aren’t a result in themselves. They are more often than not a by-product of a much bigger task or effort. To bring more peak experiences into your life you need to devote yourself completely and unreservedly to pursuits that you are passionate about. You need to be willing to work, sweat and bleed for something that you care deeply about. Because at the end of the day, it is this time, effort and suffering that will define and contextualize your peak experiences. For example, a soccer player feels a peak experiences when he is front of goal and he has a sudden moment of clarity. A moment where he realizes that he’s practiced scoring this exact goal from this exact same angle a thousand different times. In this moment, it feels like the worlds dissolves around him until it’s just him, the goal and the roaring crowd in his years.

    Owen from RSD on peak experiences: 


    If you’ve never had a peak experience in your life, you might as well not have lived at all. 

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